Triumph Spitfire

Triumph Spitfire Tie Rod End Replacement

The tie rod ends of my Triumph Spitfire had been neglected far too long- especially when you consider I had purchased a new set and they have been sitting in a box for some time…

The process to replace the tie-rods is fairly straight forward and is assisted with help from a tie-rod removal tool. Beginning on one side, I removed the right front wheel so that I can have better to access the tie rod.


Back off locking nut a half turn or so.


Remove the nut from the underside of the tie rod end, then using the tie rod removal tool and a large crescent wrench I tightened the bolt until the tie rod end popped loose


Once free of the vertical link the tie rod unscrewed easily.


Spin the new tie rod on, bolt it through the vertical link, and snug the lock nut to the new tie-rod end.


Remount the wheel and repeat on the opposite side.